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The process

Drawing on extensive experience of catching, processing and handling the products, our operations are based on three pillars: sustainability, respect for the environment and rational utilisation of resources.


We offer customers wild Atlantic Cod and wild Haddock, harvested from sustainable and certified stocks using environmentally-friendly fishing tackle. No additives are used in our processing – only pure Icelandic water. All the energy used in processing comes from clean, sustainable and renewable sources.


In our mind, fish is not only a high quality food-product but also a symbol for the extraordinary story of the Icelandic people. All our fish comes from the cold Icelandic waters of the North Atlantic. In this way you can be certain that it comes from certified stocks managed with sustainability, respect for the environment and rational utilization of resources as the guiding principles.


We know the skipper, the crew, the processors and the transporters. This is the way we want things, with no exceptions. In this way we can be certain that everyone is qualified and receives a fair share of the added-value process.


The ocean floor is the basis of all marine life. Fishermen must take care and show respect when it comes to the ocean floor, making sure not to disturb the fragile vegetation or corals that reside there.

AUTHENTIC Sustainability                                       

Fisheries is Iceland's most important industry. For us, fish is more than a high quality product alone. It is a symbol for an extraordinary story. The story of the Icelandic people.

With our fisheries, hard labor, devotion, and our persistence we managed to erect the Icelandic nation from what once was one of the poorest European countries into one placing itself amongst other nations with highest living standards found globally today. And it took us five decades only.

No doubt, such success would have been impossible without  the people that buy our seafood. For that we are truly grateful.

Authentic sustainability and respect for the environment is essential to keep utilizing our fishing grounds for generations to come 

  1. environmental friendly fishing gear
  2. certified sustainable stocks
  3. Fair share for fishermen
  4. 100% natural 
  5. traceable 

About us

Only rational utilisation, transparency in operations and consumer pressure can prevent further damage to the marine environment. If consumers can see where and how their seafood originates, they can choose products that are harvested in a sustainable way with the minimum impact on the seabed and other aspects of the environment.

At Icelandic Fish we pursue a policy of environmental protection, sustainability and fairness in our fishing and processing operations. Over 90% of what we catch is used; very little ends as waste, and we are aiming at raising utilisation to 100%  Our workforce, is the most valuable thing we have. Keeping them safe and happy is one of our highest priority. 

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